Charity Fund Raising In Brief

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  • FREE Dedicated Service Exclusive To Nonprofit,
  • No Setup Fees, No Annual Fees
  • Built in Email System to Notify Supporters
  • Fully Customized With Nonprofit Website, Logo, Colors, Pictures and Links
  • Built in Recognition for Online Business Donations

Each charity or school that we work with will have dedicated unique website to connect directly with their own main website, where the money raised will go directly to that charity. The exclusive dedicated online store can be used to hold as many items or events as they choose no maintenance or setup charges ever.

The nonprofit can solicit donations from donors in their area and/or from online marketers can donate directly a product or service to be sold to raise support for the charity.

Online Business can register online and donate goods and services to charity, uploading pictures and descriptions to the online store, at no charge to the business. After the item or service is sold, the business will get a permanent, dedicated page of recognition and thanks for their generosity, urging visitors to support the business. The recognition page will contain a direct link to the business website.

What makes this service so much better than any other?
This Service builds Natural links for online marketers. With the recent changes to the search algorithm, many business websites have been penalized in their search ranking for links of low quality. Right now more than any other time since the age of Google, online marketers need high quality natural links from quality websites. This service provides that in recognition for the philanthropy of the online business.

No other Online Fund Raising Service does anything like this. If you represent a nonprofit website and understand this one thing, this service will not only be a blessing to your cause, it will be a HUGE blessing to those online marketers that support you.

There are no setup fees, listing charges, maintenance fees or out of pocket charges for the charity or donors. This will encourage online marketers to donate often, while being easy for the nonprofit to raise money. 

What’s in it for us?
We are in business to help online marketers improve their business and search rankings. In many cases online business has been hammered lately by broad and confounding changes in how search engines determine how relevant a website is in search results.

As more charities around the world utilize this service, there will be an unending flow of User Generated Content on the website. The activity will cause Search Engines to take notice and update their information regarding what is available. Eventually, the items offered in the store sites will begin to rank in searches for those goods or services. Which will drive more traffic to the stores, and raise awareness and bring in more funds for the cause.

1) Contact us to get your NPO a Dedicated Online Store
2) Link your NPO website to your store
3) Make Money For The Worthy Cause