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  • Free Service Exclusive To Nonprofit
  • Donations Recognized with a Thank-You page that includes a Link.
  • Each Charity gets a dedicated, exclusive online store they can re-use, without any maintenance fees or setup charges.

An Online Fund Raising Service, Built specifically and exclusively for Nonprofit Organizations. Each Charity we work with gets a unique online store, built to connect directly with their own main website, where the charity can list items or services available for sale at any time. There will be no banner advertising to distract from the charity. The Charity Logo and Banners will be clearly visible on their exclusive store. Their online store can be used again as many times as they choose.

Each Store is designed to compliment the charity it serves

Online Business will be able to register and donate goods and services to charity for the online store, at no charge to the business. By opening up the entire World Wide Web as a source for donations, even small local charities can enjoy support from the global community. People that have moved, Business people that want to give to support scholarships at the college they went to can do so from anywhere in the world.

When The Business registers they will list the Website address the link will point at. This can be the front page of the website or a specific landing page for the product they offered for donation. As more charities around the world hold individual events or stores on the service, there will be an unending flow of User Generated Content on the website. The activity will cause Search Engines to update their information of what is available until the items offered will begin to rank in searches for those goods or services. Which will drive more traffic to the online stores, and through them more attention to the donating business.

The "Thank You" and Recognition pages which are unique to our Fund Raising Service are individual to the items offered and the business that offered them. The Title of the item offered becomes the Keyword text of the link to the business website. The text on the page is the description of that item. The more detailed the description, the more context the page has to the link. This helps Search Engines determine the value of that link and relevance of the business. Which in this case would be far more impact than a listing in a directory, or on any page containing numerous links to other unrelated websites. And it would actually serve to send interested traffic to the business website.

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