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Recently Google has been sticking local results in the main listings. In the form of a little map and a "Top Ten List" of sorts. It used to be the case that you had to refine your query with a location before you saw any Google Local results.

Local Search : Barber

Notice how this "10-box" is the very first result that users see - even appearing 3rd or 4th in the 10-box can generate more clicks (traffic) than the top ranking organic results. That means if you want traffic you need to be optimizing for the "10-box" before and as well as optimizing for the regular organic listings.

Please note that this information was inserted into my search results without me specifying my geographical location. If you want to grab that traffic then your website has to show up in these "Google Local" listings. If you're not showing up there, call us right now! 360-393-9761 You need to get dedicated Local Search Engine Optimization right now.

What if your potential customers are using more specific search queries? Try it yourself right now. Open up another Browser window and search for one of your own favorite keywords and add your own town. Below are my Search Results for Insurance, Bellingham.

Local Insurance SERPS

Every day more searches done on mobile devices like iPads and smart phones, than on home computers. Those searches are based on the mobile device location so if your business has a physical location your website needs to be found in local search.

We'll get you listed in the right box which will get you the traffic your business has been losing to the competition.