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Fall in the Northwest
Fall '08

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Before you sell your house and move to the Northwest, let me just we don't always get a fall quite like this. 2008 was unusual in that Fall came very slowly. The gradual change brought out the brilliant colors and they stayed with us for quite a while.

Like Search Engine Optimization, slow change makes for a lasting impression. This may sound a little hard to grasp but Search Engines take the results they produce very seriously. They know that human search users want perfect, relevant results every time. Because of that, Search Results, that is Natural Organic Search Results rarely shoot any one website from search oblivion up to the top in a matter of days.

Chuckanut Drive, part of the Pacific Highway from Canada to Mexico

So slow change in Search Results is normal. A Search Engine Optimization Service that promises to get you number one ranking on Google in one day is being misleading at best. This is also one of the best reasons to get help with your Search Results. At aSEOpro we don't use smoke and mirrors to fool you into thinking we're doing something. We actually analyze your site and your competitions websites, then show you where you need to improve to beat your competitors. We'll help you refine your website to make it relevant in the areas that will serve you best not just in search results but also in customer conversions.

Let's be honest. Ranking number one in Search Results is a waste of time if it doesn't produce business for you.

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Veiw from Chuckanut Dr to the San Juan Islands
Panoramic views of the San Juan's, make you look for turnouts

Search Engine Optimization is not mystical. There are certain aspects of it that don't change. Having a well designed website full of relevant content will never be a bad thing as far as search results go. However since a lot of what Search Optimizing involves is in the code of your website there are aspects that are not visible to the person visiting your site so it might seem mysterious. Then how your site is connected to other sites on the web, how it is related to the industry you want to be tied to, and which websites think yours has value all play into what the Search Engine uses to determine if your website is ready and worthy to be presented high in search results.

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On sunny days motorcycles generally out number the cars by a good margin

A couple years ago at a Search Engine Optimization Seminar, my colleagues and I were discussing the possibility that one day people would probably conduct more searches on hand held devices than they did on their home computers. With the advances in technology and improvements in wireless and GPS services it seems like a natural progression. When you're traveling down the road and want to know where a good restaurant is, does it make sense to run back home and check your computer? Well, last year those hand held device searches actually did pass up the numbers done on home computers.

What does that mean for the Search Engines? More total searches. A lot more. What does it mean for you as a website owner? If you're not showing up on the first page of the Search Results for your most important Search Terms your losing business. If people weren't willing to go to far back in the search results on their home computer, they are even less willing to do so on a handheld with a tiny screen.

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Vantage points are easy to get off for pictures

If you treat Search Engine Optimization like a road trip, there are points along the way to track progress. Yes, improved Search Ranking is an obvious mile post, but also there are improvements in how long your visitors stay on your site. Improvements in how many visitors it takes to produce a conversion. Figuring out where most of your traffic is coming from. Which pages do they enter your site on? You might be surprised to find that not every visitor lands on your home page. Do your inner pages give them the information they were seeking? If not those coming to your back pages will likely leave as fast as they came.

It is important to track what is going on with your website so you can refine it as you go along the road to Top Search Ranking.

Don't wait. Call right now and we'll design a program specifically to meet your needs. 800-789-0017


Changing leaves look like fireworks against the dark green

This is not the road to take if you're in a hurry. We get our share of crotch rocket riders. But going fast past this kind of scenery misses the whole point.

Riding slow gives you a chance to put your busy day behind you.


A ride like this makes the journey as good as the destination

A view of the San Juan Islands

No matter where you live, I hope you take time to get out and enjoy it. We get spoiled here in Northwest Washington. Yes it does rain.

A lot.

But that has it's benefits. Everything stays pretty fresh and green. If you get a chance to come to the Northwest, make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to drive around. You can't really get lost. If you head west you'll run into the Puget Sound or Pacific Ocean. If you head east, you'll end up in the Cascades. South you're going to end up in Portland Oregon, and if you get to far north The Border guards will let you know when you get to Canada. When the Winter Olympics come to British Columbia in 2010 this hidden gem won't be a very well kept secret anymore. If you like Snow skiing ask the locals where the best snow is. Whistler is great the snow village for atmosphere, but if you want great skiing or snow boarding ask for Mt Baker.

Bring your camera.

What has this got to do with Search Optimization?

Not much. But if you found this it was because it could be found. My website can be found twenty four hours per day, 365 days per year. For years my business could only be found when I could afford to pay for Pay Per Click advertising. I was spending so much that Google was sending me Christmas gifts every year. I don't mind getting gifts but I have to say it was a very expensive way to run a business.

As dollars get tighter in this economy, I know some other business is going to go through the same cycle I was. Money gets tighter, you try to spend a little more on advertising to maintain your business volume. It might work for a while but eventually you'll have to face the fact that you're spending more than you're bringing in.

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If you have a business that depends on being found on the internet are your potential customers finding you or are they finding your competition? If you could use some help getting your website found give me a call. If I don't answer right away, leave a message. I can't hear a thing when I'm riding.