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Personal touch SEO

Know any good sales people?

I do. They actually are a rare breed. I am not talking about your general run of the mill sales people. The ones that take your money when you make your decision or try to force small talk. I like the people at my local Starbucks but really. Do any of them really care what I have planned for the day? I try to make it interesting. I mean they ask everybody they see in their shift the same question.

"Have anything special planned for today?"

"Yes. Someone took my cat and I was just on the way to buy them a nice Thank You card."

No I was referring instead to that rare breed of sales person that remembers your name. They know what your interests are because they engage you. Seeing them brightens your day. They are real people. I actually like to give them my money because I want them to be there when I come back. I want others to get to be served by them. I want to support their business.

If that sounds dumb you probably do not know one. Too bad. I have a guy that sells me tires for my vehicles. Are his prices the best? I don't really care. Could I get the same tire some place else? Sure. But this guy is my friend. He knows me. He knows my wife and kids. He came in on a weekend to help me when my boat trailer had a tire blowout. He actually stopped and help my son one night when his car broke down.

Why did he stop to help my son? Because if his son was broke down on the side of the road he would want someone to stop and help. I want this guy to succeed.

There is a woman that works in our local Lynden Radio Shack. It seems that everybody in town knows her. I really don't know how she does it but she seems to be in a perpetually positive mood. Always helpful, but beyond that, she knows us. She wants to know what our kids are up to and what my wife is planting in the garden.

These are just two examples. But think of the people you come in contact with. The ones you look forward to seeing. What is different about them that makes them stand out above the rest. Usually, it is because they engage you. They look genuine and genuinely interested in you.

How does this relate to marketing online? Simple, If you want to succeed when others fail, Engage people. Put some of your own style into your website.

Hang on. Before you try to tell me that it can't work for you because you are a really big deal, remember Kentucky Fried Chicken. Who did you think of first? The Colonel? Did you know he died in 1980?

How about Wendy's? Admit it, you thought of Dave. How about the charity foundation that Paul Newman has left? I know he was a star first but his legacy is going to go on and touch the lives of people that have never seen his movies. They are just going to remember his personal touch on the Newman Brand.

I could go on but the point is, even a big company can put a little personality into the pitch. Build a personal touch into your website.

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