Instructions for Access

Instructions on logging in to the charity store admin dashboard.
Step 1: Go to the Content Management System (CMS) Login page.
Login Page

You’ll see a form like this

On the top line you will enter the store name we gave you.

On the next line you'll enter your email address.

The last line is for your password which we will assign and send you.
Once you have logged in you should end up in the dashboard area.
This is set up on a "store" platform so you will need to click on the “Modules” tab and select “eCommerce” (not Donations)
Once inside there you should see a list of all the goods or services donated. It should look like this:

When a business or person donates either goods or services it will show up on this list. So you should get used to logging in and navigating to this page.
As the Nonprofit Administrator you have the power to accept or reject any and all donations here. If a particular item does not benefit or represent your mission, then you don't have to activate it. Since the goal is to raise money for your cause it is a good idea to accept donations as a rule. However if your organization is set up to raise money to fight cancer you wouldn't accept a case of cigarettes to be sold on your charity store.

From this page you can see any product on the list that is not active (that means you have not approved it yet).

On the far right hand side of the item listing click on “Edit”
That will take you to the next page where you can check the details.

From here you can see the details. If you like it you can select the “Active” and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the “save changes” button. Once you do that it will be live on the website.
You can also have it featured on the main page, change the price or categories that it shows up in and just about everything. Just remember to “save changes” after any changes you make.
If it is not something that you want to have go live on the store, just don’t select “Active” and it won’t show up.
As always, if you have any trouble we are here to help.
From the "Products" page you can also list items yourself to go in the store. Say for instance a business donates several items (could be tickets to an event or iPods or whatever) to your organization directly and you want to make them available on the store. You would just click on the "Add a new Product"
From here you can enter the product name, the price, description, add pictures. The form is pretty simple just remember to scroll down to the bottom and hit "save" when you're done.
If there are more than one of the same item you can enter the quantity in the box marked "Stock Qty" and the store will keep track of them as they sell.
A Note about price.
When a business makes a donation they are (hopefully) offering something that they normally sell for the purpose of raising money for your cause. It is okay for you to list it at a slightly lower sale price on the charity store site however if you want them to donate more than once you should probably not offer their product at a ridiculous price. For one, you're leaving money on the table that your cause could use to do good and two, you are telling the business and your shoppers that you really don't value this product. Not only will that discourage the business from donating again in the future but it may actually stop other business from making a donation too. Enough about that.