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A question I get a lot is, “How do I get more traffic to my website?” It is the million dollar question for most businesses online. You figured out that the internet is the way of the future, good. You built a website to market your product or service, great. But contrary to what the old television commercial would have us believe, just because you built it does not mean anyone will find it.

If this is where you at I know how you feel. It is exactly where I was with my own business. If you tried Pay Per Click advertising to get your website in front of your customers, that’s a start. Only when you run out of budget your website slips back into obscurity. I was spending an average of $50.000.00 per month and it looked like the only way for business to go was up. That was until the economy burped. I was still paying every month hoping the business would come in to cover my advertising expenses.

I found companies that would promise to help get my website to the top of the Natural Search Results. They would give me doorway pages stuffed with hidden text, or they would give me a list of a hundred keywords to paste into my Meta Tags. Then they would cash my check and send me a of how great I was doing. But I wasn’t getting any more business.

What I needed was more customers. I needed my website to be found when anyone anywhere put in the search term people used when they were looking for my product, not some obscure phrase. I didn’t want to show up on every search. Just the ones when a prospective customer was looking for my product. I didn’t want to show up at the top of the natural search results when someone typed in “Bob’s Belly Button Lint Collection!” And I didn’t want to have my website listed after Bob’s if someone was looking for my product.

But I couldn’t find one company that would actually do what I was looking for. I found a lot that would do a portion of what I needed done. Only what I really needed was results.
I began learning what it takes to get my website to the top of the natural results. After a year of solid research and testing I learned what it takes. I found out why my website was so far back in the search results. I actually was fortunate that the things some of those companies I was paying to help me didn’t get my site banned from Google entirely.

Now my business lives on page one of the Google results. Why? Because it is properly Optimized for its target market. I get more traffic to my website because it is there twenty four hours a day and I don’t pay for Pay Per Click ads anymore. That means I have more traffic than I could get paying fifty thousand dollars per month or more. That means the Return On Investment for my business just took a huge shift into profit.

I don’t sweat it anymore when someone calls my business and says, “I have clicked on your advertisement about twenty times and I think I’m about ready to buy...” I used to just want to climb through the phone and explain to them how much money they cost me. Imagine if you had a store like Barnes & Noble, and you had to pay ten bucks every time someone walked through the door. What if they did that about twenty times and still had not bought anything?

Well that is what Pay Per Click is like.

If you need to get your business noticed. If you need to get your website on to page one of Google and the other major Search Engines, you need our service. We get you noticed. We get your business in front of your customers. If your neighbor was looking for a product you offer in the middle of the night, would he find your website? If a potential customer in Japan was looking for your product, could they find it? If they were looking for what you sell from anywhere you could ship to, would they find you?

Sure you could learn Search Engine Optimization yourself. It only takes about a year to get good at it. But can you afford to experiment with your business? Since I started there have been major changes in what helps or hurts search ranking. Techniques that were fairly standard practice six months ago are now starting to hurt search results. This Business of Search Marketing is growing and changing constantly. If you’re like me you don’t have time to go to school on every new thing. You need to be able to concentrate on your business and let someone else handle promoting your business.

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