SEO & Branding

There are different ways of defining accessibility. For Search Optimization it has to do with user experience as well as Search Spider access.

For the human visitor, the website should be easy to read and have a familiar feel. Navigation through the site should be easy and intuitive. Too much clutter and too many choices can be confusing and overwhelming. Worse is not showing a way to get the product or service they were looking for.

Now, if you head over to the Nike website, the home page loads up a flash movie, and it has a total of 5 links found on the page. There are 4 regional choices for the user (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America). Once you select your region it opens up to a site that you would expect from a shoe retailer - sizes, models, colors, etc.

Since Nike is not trying to be everything to everyone, their site calls for less options - so that the visitor can focus on what they came to the site for.

So how is all of this related to Search Engine Optimization?

Traffic from Search Engines like Google can bring you tons of visitors, but if those visitors can't find what they are looking for, you have wasted time and energy getting that visitor to your site. So many times a site fails not because they couldn't get the potential buyer to the site, they failed because the site did not make it easy for the visitor to find what was indicated in the search results.

A website that has a lot to offer however because of its poor design it really does little more than frustrate the visitor is a waste of effort. The site owner may be very knowledgeable about their subject but it has to translate to the web visitor. Not realizing the potential gold mine just beyond their reach, their business may dwindle and die just because users get frustrated by poor website design.

Imagine a traditional store, brick and mortar, that has put tons of money into advertising that they have a particular book for sale. You get to the store and wander around trying to find the book. If this is not the only store in town that has this book for sale, you leave and buy it elsewhere. The same is true on the internet. The store owner has just wasted a lot of money in advertising and his potential customers are just going to the next store to buy what he has to offer.

Optimizing the website to enhance the visitors ease of finding what they are looking for is just part of what Search Optimizing is about.

If you're not happy with your website performance, contact and we'll build a website that not only gets found but it gets business.