SEO Organic Benefit

Many times all a business wants to know is where their website appears in Search Engine Results for a chosen key words.. That's understandable, but it is far from the whole picture. There are advantages beyond that with Organic Search Optimization.

Focusing only on the selected keyword phrases that they are paying for is fine if you are only being seen with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. However Natural Search Optimization is how the Search Engines determine what areas a website is really relevant in. By Optimizing a website for content it can begin to show up Higher in Search Results for other related terms and phrases too. Without fully realizing what other residual effects they are receiving from SEO, they may miss the real value of the service.

When a website gets properly optimized, (SEO) it is being transformed into a thought-out navigational pattern to information. This is the same pattern that a Search Engine Spider looks for. The easier it is for a spider to index a site, the better the chances of getting that website a higher placement in the search engine results page (SERP's). Search Engines are constantly tweaking their formula to produce high quality, trusted results for users. Recently, more significance is placed on results based on the location of the searcher.

If someone is traveling around Seattle, and they search for information about Eagles, the Search Engine can assume that they want information about the native Bald Eagles that call the Puget Sound region home. However if someone in Philadelphia uses the same search phrase the search engine knows there is a high probability they are looking for information regarding the Philadelphia Eagles football team. If your entire website is properly indexed by the search engine, it can be found whenever it has relevant content even in Long Tail Searches.

Long tail search is when a user is using a search term or phrase that is not commonly searched for but the website is still found to be relevant in. For instance, an internet user looking for installation information, and finding a marketers website that has helpful information. It may not be an immediate sale however people like to frequent websites that have good information. Traditionally, those visits eventually turn to sales.

More searchers are also using "image search" to look for products. Showing up well in an image search results takes real Search Optimization know how. Search Engines are not humans and don't "see" pictures like humans do. A search engine has to rely on the information around the picture and where the website is relevant in search results. This is another benefit of Search Engine Optimization and good organic search placement.

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