SEO The Secret Shortcut

“Isn’t there a code I can paste on my website that will cause it to go to the top of the Google Search Results?”

The answer is, No. Think about it. Don’t you think Google would notice when a website suddenly shot to the top of the search ranking when no criteria the patented search algorithm looks for are present? Have you heard the saying, “Easy come, easy go?” In the world of search marketing, just like life, there is no shortcut.

The fastest way to the top is with a map. If you were heading across the country in a wagon train the quickest way to end up in trouble was to take a “shortcut.” You don’t want to learn to swim from a person that has never been wet.

The same is true for Search Optimization. In order to succeed you have to build a user friendly website that provides meaningful, relevant information that serves a purpose. Have a plan of what you want to get across to your visitor. Lead them to the action you want them to take. Use a structure that is easy for your visitors both human and Search Spiders to follow and digest. Use content that establishes your sites value that your users will want to share with others.

It sounds simple however if you follow this method, no Search Engine is ever going to have a problem with your site. Building like this takes time, planning and effort. But the long term benefits will be sustainable. Shortcuts never are and the real downside is they can get you totally removed from the search results. For my business and that of my customers, that just is not an acceptable risk.

If you have been contacted by a company promising to get ranked number one in search results in 24 hours, they are either lying, using a method that will get your website removed from results, or they are misleading you to think that Pay Per Click advertising is the same as Search Optimization.

Pay Per Click advertising works as long as you can afford it to work. When you run out of money, your website won't be found. It's like paying people just to come into your store. The problem is, when the economy is slow, people don't stop shopping. They just don't buy. Natural, Organic Search Results are sustainable, no matter how many visitors click on your site, every hour of every day. You're not paying for people that just click, look and leave. Let's get started on a strategy to get your website found without Pay Per Click.