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The challenges related to rapidly growing your website.
First let’s think about what might motivate you to decide to quadruple the size of your website.

Perhaps you have decided that if your website has a page devoted to every known word in the English language, it will show up in every search performed on every search engine no matter how far fetched your websites relation to that search.

Let me cut to the chase here and just say that this is a dumb idea. First of all, showing up in search results that have little to do with whatever you actually offer is not going to help your overall conversion rate which is really the ultimate goal.

The human eyes that find you popping up in different searches are going to see that you don’t really relate to the searches they are doing and they will just ignore you as a relevant result. More likely the Search Engine itself is going to look at the snap shots it has regarding the history of your site, compare it to the explosive growth and put you into a red flag area, sandbox, and wait to see if you are trying to mislead them.

At best your search results are going to suffer at least for a while. At worst, the Search Engines may drop you out of the results entirely. Recent tests done by competent sources reveal that this is not as much of a problem as it once was. That being said it does not mean to give a go ahead signal for massive website growth. There are still relevant reasons to carefully consider.

If the goal of adding content (massive content) is to get more traffic, how valuable is that traffic really going to be? writing a few pages that will be useful to the end users, humans actually doing the searching, is not that tough. Adding a gob of pages the size of a New York City Phone book that will each be found useful and promote your product, in an insightful and compelling manner without being seen as just filling the web with worthless words is a bit more challenging.

Those pages that just fill the void of space and time will do nothing to attract that stamp of approval we in search optimization call links. Webmasters link to other pages on the internet when they find something of value that they think their audience might find of value. Filler pages don’t do anything worth linking to because they do not offer anything of real value to users.

The search engines themselves are looking for quality not quantity. A search engines is only as good as the results it produces. It is vitally important to identify useful, relevant and unique content that will be of value to the individual searcher. If an individual searcher finds the search results to be of little value, they simply go to a different Search Engine. If Yahoo had always produced great Relevant Search Results, you wouldn't be using Google.

The bottom line of this is simply that you are far more valuable to a search engine if the pages you have are extremely relevant in a few search results than only marginally relevant in many searches. In effect, adding a ton of content that is intended to be relevant in many searches will only dilute your overall strength in the results you would be best suited for.

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