What's Your Sign?

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I noticed a sign in a fortune tellers window the other day. It said CLOSED. What a missed opportunity. It should have read,

I knew you were coming. If you want to know your future be here tomorrow before 5 PM.

It doesn't take a fortune teller to notice the change of business going on.

The fortune teller missed an opportunity to impress a potential customer without having to be there herself to do it. Your website is your sign. It works while you are busy doing something else. But your sign has to be found and read in order to have the effect you want. It has to be your best presentation of your business. Your website should answer the questions your customers ask you everyday when you are there face to face. What's more it has to anticipate those questions and answer them quickly or people just leave.

Seo is noticing signs

Clear navigation around your site, showing off your product and knowledge about it helps establish trust.

Although you may completely understand the product you have to offer, you may not be getting it across clearly to your potential customers. After you have built your website and written your descriptive explanations, do some testing. Have someone else read it. Have a lot of people read it. Get honest feed back from real customers.

Listen to what they have to say. This is not the time to let your pride in what you have put together get in the way.

Would you rather pat your back or fatten your wallet?

Impaired Search Results

If people have trouble understanding something on your site or navigating through it, change it.

We've all seen websites made by very smart people that are totally worthless as far as selling their product. If you want to just show off, run with it. But if you really want to make money, change until your website sells your product better than you could if you were standing in front of the customer yourself.

Sound like a tall order? Well it's done every day. If you build it right your website can spend more time and answer more questions than you would have time to do. But if you let your pride get in the way,... well your competition will get it.

Consider this, If you shop for a new car online, before you ever set foot on a car dealers lot you can know what cars he has to offer. What features those cars come with, what colors they are available in, the mileage they get. In fact unless the sales person is really good, you will probably know more about the car than they do.

Your website should be better than any brochure could ever be. It can change faster, have videos to demonstrate points or give visual examples of your product in action. If you do it right your potential customer can take all the time they want to read through your information, look at your product and make a well informed decision all without taking a moment out of your day.

Building the website right is just the first part. Getting that website in front of people when they are looking for what you have to offer is the next.

You have two choices. Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). PPC can get you noticed fast. The challenge is that it can be extremely expensive in a hurry. SEO on the other hand takes a while to take effect but the results are far more long lasting and rewarding. SEO combines making a website user friendly as well as Search Engine friendly.

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