White Christmas

Search Engine Optimization Consultant for Northwest Washington

If you're a business in the North I5 corridor, you know the weather can change you plans in a hurry. The same is true in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Things change all the time and your online business has to be adapting to those changes or get left in the cold.

Good thing SEO can be done from home
Great Weather for Christmas '08

In Lynden, WA it is not uncommon for us to get a couple feet of snow while just down the road in Bellingham, WA they just get an inch. The dividing line seems to be somewhere between Ferndale,WA and Custer,WA. Although they are just a couple miles apart. In the competition for Higher Search Engine Placement, the same kind of thing occurs. Two websites can only have slight differences, a slight separation and yet vastly different placement in the Search Results. As a Search Engine Optimizer, we dig deeper into those differences and find a way to get your business the advantage in those coveted Top Search Placement Positions.

Christmas Morning '08

Even snowbound SEO still gets done
A Snow bound F150

Not far from us in Blaine,WA they had rain while Lynden was getting dumped on. That's because Blaine is right on the Pacific. They get protection from the real devastating Pacific weather because they are sheltered in Puget Sound, behind Vancouver Island. Sometimes the online business world seems like that too. If your competition beats you for those Top Search Positions time after time it can seem like they have some kind of protection. The really good news is that good Search Engine Optimization can identify how they manage to beat you and tear down that advantage. Before you decide there is no way to beat your competition, give a SEO pro a call and let us show you how it can be done.

It is not every year that Christmas and the snow meet here in the Northwest corner of Washington State. In 2008 we awoke to 20 degrees and another foot of fresh fallen snow. But online business doesn't wait for the weather. In the world of Website Promotion, spring doesn't come unless you make it happen. Don't resign your business to the idea that Pay Per Click Advertising is the only way you will ever get customers. According to our research most business that uses PPC as the only means of promotion spends 12 times more than they would on solid Search Engine Optimization, and gets less then ten percent return on their money spent.

When the economy gets tight do people stop shopping? No they still shop, they just don't buy. That means if you are advertising with Pay Per Click, it still costs you the same, you just don't get the sales conversions to offset the expense. It used to just kill me to hear a customer say they had visited my website several times and they were just about ready to make a purchase. I knew that every time they came to my website it was costing me money and I hadn't made a dime from that prospect. Ouch. Recognize the scenario? Get good Search Engine Optimization and your business will live on page one every day of the year. Those customers can window shop all they want. They can come back over and over and it won't run you out of business.

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Getting to work is not a problem for an SEO
The white bump next to the barn is a four wheel drive going nowhere.

The great thing about a Search Optimization Service is when you don't have to actually go anywhere to be able to deliver the goods. As long as you're connected to the internet, you're open for business. You just don't make as many personal appearances.

Xmas at the SEO barn
Big flakes coming down hard and fast

When winter hits here in the northwest part of Washington state it hits hard. With temperatures staying at or below twenty degrees for days, the snow begins to pile up. Makes you glad you didn't sell the SUV when the gas prices hit five dollars a gallon. It's the only vehicle that can navigate in Whatcom county in this weather.

You have to know who to listen to. Our weather in Lynden is more consistent with Abbotsford, BC Canada, then it is Bellingham, WA. In the online world the same holds true. You need to know who you're getting your help from. Is your SEO a trusted member of the online community of Search Optimizers? Do they do anything for schools and charities? How are they connected online? At a SEO pro, we use only methods of Optimization that are proven effective. We know your web presence is to important to risk getting banned from search results. If you want real traction in Web Search Promotion, call us right now. 800-789-0017

Improved SERPS don't require driving
Nice shot of the SEO Barn.

Hope you had all the groceries you needed. Planning ahead is always good. In the online world, the same thing is true. You need to be looking ahead at trends in marketing and anticipating how you customers will be searching for what you have to offer so that you can be found. If all you do is react to change, you are always trying to catch up to your competition. What would your business be like if you were the leader in every relevant search category and your online presence was just building stability?

When you get snowed in you realize how dependent we are on the transportation. Movement of products or services are what keeps us going. The local store is never as close as the computer. More and more business is being done online, even if your business is only local you need to be found online. If you have to go back several pages in search results to find your business how is that effecting your bottom line? How much better will your Christmas look if your Business Website lives on Page One of the Search Results? Call Right Now. Do Not Wait Until Christmas.


Snowbound Christmas
Snowy view of home and office

The fence in the foreground is about four feet tall and only about eighteen inches is still showing. If the snow plow comes by again it will probably be cover completely.

Finally I have a following

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White on Evergreens

Trees in the snow just look amazing

framed fountain



Which way to the food?

"Which way back to the dog house?"

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Barn View North

The view from in the barn looking north.

Here in the Northwest Whatcom County, we have a saying, "If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes, it will change."

Where ever you spend your Christmas, I hope you have the people you love close by. When you look back over the year in business, will it be a test of survival or the year you found the answer to Natural Search Placement? One thing for sure, winter is coming. The only way to weather it is to prepare for it now. If you need help with getting your business found online, give us a call right now. 360-393-9761