Why You Need Search Optimization

If your Website is Lost You Need SEO

If you came here to find out how to get your website to show up Higher in Natural Search Results when your potential customers were looking for your product, I was right where you are. Hopefully you are not spending $50,000.00 per month or more on Pay Per Click advertising like I was, but if so, I feel your pain.

When the World Wide Web went public, we were led to believe this was going to be the way small business could compete on on equal terms with big business. In a way, that is true. You can have a website and a huge company can too. But we quickly found out that just having a website does not mean equal presence online. Sure you hear about success stories, but that matters about as much as who won the lottery if it wasn't you.

Those advertisements on television did not help either. You know the one where the people build a website, publish it and within seconds they are flooded with orders. So many orders that they were trying to shut off the website. Talk about false advertising.

The reality was that you built your website and nothing happened. My business was located in Lynden, WA, but my market was the entire free world. I had a website, but how was I going to get people to find it? Yellow Page advertising seemed to be the way to point potential customers to my website. Before long I was spending $10,000 per month hoping that my ad would be in the phone book that most people would keep in most cities. Did you know that an average home in California gets more than Ten phone books every year? Do you even know where your phone book is anymore?

It was discouraging to go to Yahoo and search for the products I was offering on my website. Finding all kinds of websites that had absolutely nothing to do with those products ahead of my listing was beyond frustrating. The results people were getting from Yahoo sucked so bad that people started looking for a different place to search and Google was born.

Part of the reason Yahoo sucked so bad is related to why we need Search Engine Optimization in today's online market. Web designers were using all kinds of tricks and deceptive practices to get their client websites to show up in search engine results. It didn't matter if those searches were relevant they just wanted that website to be seen in every possible search. Spamming was born. Having the entire contents of the encyclopedia hidden in the background of your website made the Search Engine think it was relevant to everything. Not!

Naturally, although it was possible to manipulate search results, the end result just frustrated searchers and forced them to go elsewhere. If you went to a store looking for ice cream and the store kept throwing everything except ice cream in front of you, you would eventually just go to another store to get your ice cream.

I was doing everything I could to promote my website. I was even looking for outside help. I found a lot of companies that would promise me number one ranking for all kinds of terms except the ones that I needed to be found under. I paid a lot of money to agencies that promised to help me by using “hidden” techniques to get my website to number one on the search engines. In my local Washington State our Attorney General is suing a Redmond based company for their so called Search Engine Optimization business practices. To little to late. This is not the first such case and it will not be the last. Unfortunately, this can only hurt the reputation of the Search Optimization Industry. A loss of consumer trust when financial times are tough hurts business because they don't know who to trust for real help in Search Results.

For all the money I spent I was lucky my website did not get completely banned from Search Engine Results because of the “help." If you're reading this and recognizing your own struggle, let me just say, there is help. There are real, reliable ways to your website get to the top of the Natural Search Results for keywords, terms and phrases that are relevant to your business.

What you need is a Search Engine Optimization Consultant . Google has also made an effort to be more open about what it considers improper search optimization techniques which should help you ask the right questions when you are searching for help. The good news is it can be done. My website is on page one of all the major Search Engines, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and I don't pay a dime for Pay Per Click anymore. I can so the same for your business too.


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